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PETL devices in your lab


Control, manage and experiment in microfluidic environments. Chemical reactions, cell and organoid culture, advanced imaging, mechanobiology or other applications. 

Translate your experimental design to the bench

You Design

You Test


We fabricate

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Rapid, inexpensive design iteration

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Still using PDMS? 

Take advantage of the PETL platform.
No masks. No molds. No curing. No bonding problems.  Added functionality with a range of laminate materials:

  • Glass - optics, tissue culture.

  • Paper - diagnostics, filtering, sinks.

  • Flexible PVC - valves, compression.

  • Nylon mesh - filtering, migration.


How can we help you?

Off the shelf designs or customized to your application

Use the available channel configurations or send you design, we work with you to produce devices that meet your expectations. See our guide to customization here.


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