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A lab in a box.

Microfluidics in the Classroom


Enliven Fluid Mechanics lab experiences


Meet Next Generation Science Standards

Introductory Kits

Microfluidic devices to beautifully illustrate the physical phenomena of diffusion, mixing and laminar flow. Relevant to topics taught in high school, college undergraduate and graduate-level Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Everything you need in one box!


lab materials for 18 students


background reading and quiz


easy instructions


worksheet (with instructor key)

Have any questions?

Microfluidics for the Engineering Classroom

Hagen-Poiseuille, Péclet, Reynolds and Laplace in the Lab

Laboratory kits ready to go. On campus or at home. Bring fluid mechanics theory to the lab using microfluidics. Our kit contains pumps, connectors, chips, worksheets and instructor keys. Students are able to observe and measure physical phenomena, including laminar flow, diffusion, mixing and surface tension.

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