Microfluidics in the Classroom

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Enliven Fluid Mechanics lab experiences 

Meet Next Generation Science Standards

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Educational Materials (download)

Chemistry Class

Introductory KIT

Microfluidics devices display physical phenomena relevant to topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics that are taught in undergraduate courses and beyond. Bring cutting edge technology into the classroom when you teach timeless concepts. 

For high school students we have mapped Next Generation Science Standards, so you are ready to go.

Whether you are experienced in microfluidics or have never heard about them and are curious yourself, our materials guide your students from start to end while opening their minds to new technologies.


Diffusion, mixing, laminar flow. Background reading, quiz, instructions, worksheet and instructor key, all included. 


Materials (Intro Kit)


Microfluidics for the EngineerinG

Hagen-Poiseuille, PÉCLET, Reynolds and Laplace in the Lab

Laboratory kits ready to go. On campus or at home.

Bring fluid mechanics theory to the lab using microfluidics. Our kit contains pumps, connectors, chips, worksheets and instructor keys.


Students are able to observe and measure physical phenomena, including laminar flow, diffusion, mixing and surface tension.


Materials (Engineering)