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How do I customize? 

1. Look at the PETL Series  on the shelf.  Pick the Series that most closely match your design. That gives you an idea of the cost of your devices. 

2. Make a simple drawing of your device and send it to Add the desired dimensions and any other important information.

3. We get in touch with you, ask questions so we get it right and send you a custom design.    That first design is free!
4. When you are happy with your design we give you a specific SKU number that you enter at the moment you purchase your devices.  

5. If you would like to change the first design, or if your design does not match any of our PETL series, let us know. We can absolutely work with you to build the devices you need. This extra design/consulting work currently costs about $50/hour. One or two hours is usually enough. Write to us for a more detailed (and free) quote.


Erin needs a device for a short term cell culture experiment. 

Erin  receives her devices and becomes a lifelong PETL user!  And we are always here to help.

Erin chooses the best design, gets an individualized SKU from us and heads to the PETL Store to enter the SKU at the time of purchasing series 101 devices


Erin checks the PETL shelf and picks series 101. But she wants devices that looks a bit different

She emails us her design with some dimensions attached and whatever helpful information

We tell Erin that we can build the device just as she wants it (or not), but we also suggest a new design based on hers.

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